What's Your BlackOnCampus IQ?

What is the current name of the first U.S. college or university to admit a Black student (located in central Virginia)?

Who was the first African American known to have graduated from a U.S. college or university (Middlebury College)?

What was the first U.S. post-secondary institution to admit students regardless of race or sex (located near Cleveland, Ohio)?

Who was the first African American to earn a Ph.D. from a U.S. institution (Yale, in Physics)?

What was the first Black college to grant bachelor's degrees in the U.S.(founded in 1852)?

Who was the first African American professor to hold a teaching post at a predominantly white U.S. institution? (New York Central College)?

On what campus was the first African American Greek letter fraternity founded (Alpha Phi Alpha)?

From what institution did Dr. Kyla McMullen graduate to become it's first Black woman PhD in Computer Science (in 2012)?

What was the first of the U.S. service academies to graduate an African American (Henry O. Flipper)?

Who, in the year 2000, became the first African American president of an Ivy Leauge institution (Brown University)?